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  Ethnographic Museum in Elhovo, Bulgaria
Ethnographic Museum

Elhovo Ethnographic Museum is located in a beautiful nature near the border along the Lower Tunja, along with complex and variable historical destiny, whose population nevertheless managed to preserve the beauty and purity of their manners and customs.
The history of the museum began with the opening of the museum collection, the first exposure is primarily ethnographic (1958). In 1966 the museum was established as a specialized ethnographic.

Ethnographic Museum is located in two-storey buildings in the city center, built in 1933, united in the sixties in a building functionally and architecturally designed according to his needs.

In the Museum are kept some 22,000 artifacts, 13,800 of which constitute the primary museum fund, divided into the following sections: "Agriculture and Animal Husbandry", "Housing and living arrangements," "Transportation, hunting, fishing," "Clothes and jewelery "'fabrics and embroideries," "Traditional Crafts", "Artistic folk art" The fund also includes documentary and photo archive, which store over 8,000 original documents and photographs related to the development of this part of the liberation today. Priority in the main museum fund in terms of technology development, uniqueness and originality, scientific and artistic value of the exhibits department "Clothes and jewelry" and "fabrics and embroideries" case, both the local population and the migrants-Bulgarians from Eastern and Thrace. Quite a few of them have participated in local and international exhibitions.
The museum holds over 3,050 volumes spezializirana literature over 1600 units specialized journals that are available to students, teachers.
Over the last decade, the museum supports Bulgarian-German "Drama Research Project" with main contractors Saarlandski University - Saarbrücken, Germany, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Tunja municipality, Yambol, Yambol Historical Museum.
Its activities are carried out by four museum professionals.

The museum has its own showroom with an area of ​​130 square meters Annual pass through its halls around 16,000 visitors, including about 300 foreigners.
Ethnographic Museum in Elhovo № 100 in 100 - national tourist sites in Bulgaria.
Specialized Elhovo Ethnographic Museum was awarded the medal "Cyril and Methodius" - I degree.

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